Club Membership

The B.C. All Terrier Club welcomes all Terrier Fanciers as members. Annual Fees are $20.00 for Single, $30.00 for Household and $10.00 for Junior (15 years old or younger) membership.

After receiving the completed application and dues, the Membership Chairperson provides the candidate's details to the BCATC membership (usually by email).  If no written objections are received within 21 days of the communication, the Executive committee shall accept the application. The signatures of two current members must support each membership application.

From the BCATC Constitution:
"The purposes of the Society shall be:

a. To encourage the development and quality breeding of dogs of the Terrier Group.

b. To cooperate with the Canadian Kennel Club towards the betterment of all dogs and to assist and educate owners of Terriers in the proper care and handling of terrier dogs.

c. To hold Terrier Specialty shows, trials, performance events, puppy matches and futurity stakes either by itself or in conjunction with other clubs or societies and to abide by the principles of the Canadian Kennel Club Code of Ethics.

d. To encourage people to study breed standards and rules pertaining to shows, trials and related functions.

e. To foster and encourage sportsmanship and good fellowship in all matters pertaining to pure bred dogs.

f. To operate on a non-profit basis. Any resulting surplus funds shall not be used to the benefit of any member of the Society. The operations of the Society are to be carried out in the Province of British Columbia. The office of the Society shall be the address of the President or Secretary or a designated law office within the province. This provision is alterable.”